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Here are a few guide prices for traditional upholstery work, which involves the use of a variety of hair or fibre as stuffing with traditional stitched edges where appropriate.

Traditional Upholstery Videos

Prices are for labour only and do not include all internal materials, top cover, and buttoning. All top cover/fabric costs are extra (fabric costs vary on the meterage required).

Chairs:                       Dining room chairs           from £    175.00

                                    Armchairs                            from £ 850.00 upwards



Small                                    from £    160.00

Medium                               from £    300.00

Large                                    from £    450.00

I can source beautiful, hard -wearing fabrics, silks, hides and synthetic/imitation leathers (Vinyls). For more information on fabrics, click hereIf you have a specific enquiry, please fill in your details on my contact page and I’ll respond as soon as I can









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