Traditionally Upholstered Club Chair
  A complete strip down and re-upholstered Edwardian-style club chair using traditional techniques and materials. Finally covered In Designers Guild […]
Trimming visit..
A brief visit to a stunning house in Kensington on Thursday afternoon briefly to fit the trimming/braid to an old […]
Sit On This: The Second life of a Chair
My heartfelt thanks to all the creatives at Hybridlab involved in the making of this short film in 2009.
A recovered headboard for Ellinis Interiors..
  With Many thanks to Dextene of Ellinis Interiors.  A queen-sized(?) headboard  covered in Lelievre  “Graphite Schiste” fabric, trimmed with […]
ModHomeEC feature
A wonderful article by American upholsterer and writer Shelley Miller Leer. Shelley’s mad about Upholstery from all over the globe […]
Thank you Search n’ Rescue and Flock for displaying my work!
It’ so typical of me to not notice this until now.. You know how it get so busy working […]