Come in No. 10…
It was a difficult decision for me: spend the day on my own putting the finishing touches to a variety […]
The Baby Elephant: A Sonic Sofa I’ll never forget!..
Is it just me or has this year just seemed to fly by?- Now we’re in Mid October 2019 and […]
A Svenskt Tenn Twin Seduction
I fully re-upholstered the first of these two J.C & M.P Smith Ltd Winged Mid-late 20th century armchairs for an […]
A Smart Bavarian Beauty!..
This Cocktail Chair, a family heirloom from Bavaria, arrived in my studio workshop (via Erith), at the recommendation of the […]
Pretty in Pink Parker Knoll#2
It has been a fair while since I’ve posted on my website (sorry about that- Ive had alot on!). Longer still since I’ve had an opportunity to work on a Parker Knoll Sofa-bed. Like waiting around ages for a bus – Then two come at once!
More Monkey Madness: Transforming a Wingback Chair
Before: This wingback chair was originally donated to me by my good friend, super talented artist and fellow meditator Raksha […]
Turned out “Awight” : A two seater transformation
Before: Producing work for the show @MonForNothing has been a privilege and a pleasure. As well as the exposure, you […]
A Roche Bobois Reimagined…
Before: Getting the opportunity to transform a piece of “High-end” furniture for an high profile customers Trish Evans & Baz […]
Bless this House(Boat)…A Virgin pattern match made in heaven
Producing these saloon-style doors was a challenge. Some pretty nifty shaping and fitting by James and cutting and pattern matching […]