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For those that have recently started following me on here Thank you for following!
May I reintroduce myself.
I`m Ray Clarke. I love the craft, I love art. I love my family and friends and I particularly love upholstery, re-upholstery and bringing my own art to this craft through developing textile prints which I occasionally use to create statement one-off pieces.
I love learning. I love practicing it and recently, through @sit_on_this_workshops and now finding my way teaching a leisure class at the prestigious @shoreditchdesignrooms on Friday mornings. If you are about and want to come and say Hi you’ll find me there as well as in my Bow-based workshop.
Right now I`m rebuilding the seat in a living room of a Professor in Kennington while listening to some classical music on my @spotifyuk. Music is my constant companion, as I hope are you on this journey.
Much love to you all and have a great weekend! Rxxx

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Give your pilates students the best experience. Get your equipment reupholstered by yours truly.
Contact me and get your Reformers expertly refurbished & recovered.

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Choosing my moment to chime in and hope you’ve all had a lovely, wonderful and peaceful Christmas and are enjoying your time and space be’twixedmas . THANK YOU for following and liking my work and see you all in #2024 Rxxx ...

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Late night getting this pair of French #bergères #chairs ready for delivery Friday. Loving the grey #Squirrel #gimp from @vvrouleaux, complimenting this sumptuous velvet called #Scala , in colour #putty, from @chase_erwin_textiles. Just 8 more panels, the down feather seat pads to create (and alittle more Gimp to fit ) I always get alittle “antsy” towards the end of a big project: The temptation to rush to the finish can ruin work. Specially at this time of year, when it feels like everyone wants it before Christmas. Thanks for your support Rxx ...

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#TBT to this time last week, when dear Vicky of @the_upholstery_cabin treated us both to a masterclass with in my humble opinion, Legends & Total Baddass Rockstar Upholsterers and tutors @garethrees75 & @greg_cottageupholstery - It was an absolute honour and privilege to finally get to see their superb training facility @schoolofupholsteredfurniture out Near Henley.

@schoolofupholsteredfurniture You can not only complete @the_amusf Diploma courses (They are an approved AMUSF training centre)but also Advanced Diploma Courses, as well as day “Masterclasses” Like what we’ve just experienced, where you can bring your piece and get some proper in depth tuition and training from Gareth & Greg.
Honestly folks, If you live nearby or even if you’re prepared to travel like us I CANNOT recommend training with these fine gentleman highly enough!! For me, re-learning and taking a more nuanced approach to traditional upholstery came in perfect timing on a pair of French #Bergere #Chairs you may of seen me working on. My heartfelt thanks go out to Vicky , and Gareth and Greg for their expertise,support and time last weekend. Even though a tyre blowout the night before threatened to scupper our visit we made it and My thanks also go out to @_gussie_dawta_ for letting me borrow Mum’s old Wheels to help get my work over and back.

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I’m still a newbie creating reels..It’s so time-consuming when you got so much actual work to complete on the bench and, like with this pair of French Bergere chairs, it can’t be rushed. Traditional Upholstery always takes longer to produce , hence the l pricey labour and materials costs- However When you really look at the costs over time it’s actually cheaper because the furniture is crafted to last longer as well as be more sustainable/ Kinder to the environment ,as the natural materials breakdown much better ecologically into Mother Earth.
However so far so good. I often wish I could go quicker… but that comes with more practice and patience. Slow progress is better than no progress..

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“Traditional for the soul..Modern for the goal”.. Despite having to painstakingly remove all the decorative nailing this is possibly going to be one of my favourite projects of this year and for a lovely customer who I’ve worked with before.
This one of a pair of chairs were originally upholstered by my customers’ Grandmother and I feel honoured to be only the second upholsterer to work on them. My thanks to @rae_upholstery for assisting with the Rip down. Time pressed so I best stay focused and keep it moving..

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Upholsterers: Not only cover chairs , Covering the dance floor!
Many thanks to all who came to last nights piss up -

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