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This ottoman stool completely deceived me. I thought reducing its overall length was going to be straightforward: Strip back to the frame Reduce the frame size (involving partially deconstructing it/cutting it back and then rebuilding the frame. But no.. it also involved cutting back the serpentine springs and hidden in the foam layers above was a pocket spring unit, which also had to be reduced in size before embedding it back within the composite foam cores surrounding it, before cutting, reshaping and restitching the original cover to fit the new shape, reducing the overall shape from 1 metre x 1 metre x 36cm to 60cm x 1 metre x 36cm.

Some jobs can totally send you sideways , thankfully I managed to complete it.

What sort of additional complexity have you come across in the middle of completing projects?
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Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday This Bank Holiday weekend.
For all those non-spotify listeners, You can catch our Podcast, available now on @applepodcasts. Hope you enjoy! We’ve got some awesome guests lined up for you so stay tuned!

Big Hugs 🤗 Ray & Vicky x

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Hey lovely People of #Instagram & #Facebook .. I’ve been fairly quiet for a minute here on social media while I’m hard at it in the studio finishing some pretty big jobs while also enjoying sharing knowledge with my Friday morning leisure class students @shoreditchdesignrooms.
This is just letting you know that our (That’s @the_upholstery_cabin and @atelierrayclarke Collaboration’s first @sit_on_this_workshops Podcast episode is going live This Wednesday 1st May , available to listen on Spotify.
we’d love for you to tune in and leave us some comments and suggestions.
Have a great weekend - Big hugs Rxx

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15 years ago (Facebook tells me) Those amazing people @Hybridlab created this stop motion animation with me. Where does the time go!?! ...

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Ever been sacked from a job?..
Get ready for Ray and Vicky`s debut podcast dropping soon!
In our first episode, we`re spilling the beans on our upholstery journey, sharing the highs, the lows, and all the lessons we`ve picked up along the way. Stay tuned!
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Having completed 6 morning sessions With this lovely group of students They are all beginning to hit their strides with some amazing upholstery projects. I look forward to seeing them all again after the Easter break.
It’s great fun to share some tips and tricks with them all and I’m finding it’s also helping me refine my own skills and processes on the tools.

Thank you all for coming. And if you are thinking maybe I should join a leisure class @shoreditchdesignrooms - Get right on one!!
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For those that have recently started following me on here Thank you for following!
May I reintroduce myself.
I`m Ray Clarke. I love the craft, I love art. I love my family and friends and I particularly love upholstery, re-upholstery and bringing my own art to this craft through developing textile prints which I occasionally use to create statement one-off pieces.
I love learning. I love practicing it and recently, through @sit_on_this_workshops and now finding my way teaching a leisure class at the prestigious @shoreditchdesignrooms on Friday mornings. If you are about and want to come and say Hi you’ll find me there as well as in my Bow-based workshop.
Right now I`m rebuilding the seat in a living room of a Professor in Kennington while listening to some classical music on my @spotifyuk. Music is my constant companion, as I hope are you on this journey.
Much love to you all and have a great weekend! Rxxx

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Give your pilates students the best experience. Get your equipment reupholstered by yours truly.
Contact me and get your Reformers expertly refurbished & recovered.

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