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Mid-20th century Modern Metamorphosis


This mid century modern armchair and footstool used a cleverly

stitched together fitted loose cover. My customer wanted to use

Flock’s Northmore Minor in Teal designed by Rachel Parker.

People don’t realise that sometimes cutting , making and fitting a loose cover can be as much work as refurbishing and producing a fitted cover.

Getting the curves right and bringing together this gorgeous textile design to “flow” throughout the shapes.

As this textile is printed on 100% Cotton, the use of a Flame retardent barrier cloth was essential for the pieces to comply with the relevant health,Safety & Fire Regs.

To make the cover more versatile and washable, I opted to make the seat cushion separate from the armchair unlike the original which was fixed.

The second piece, A Modern tub chair was tricky too: Each Pattern piece involved seams which were piped and then topstitched before

My many thanks to Jenny Wingfield For referring this lovely customer to me who sent me the following comments:

“Just mailing to say how much I love the work you have done on my three items, the chairs and the stool.  They have been done beautifully and make my room a changed place.  Your skills are just great and I appreciate all the work that has gone into them.  Thank you so much. Many thanks Pearl Brown”


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Tent London/ Pure design event 2014 (18-21 September)

Being Self-employed and spending the majority of my time working by myself, trips away from the workbench to see what the best of the rest are up to, and especially to trade shows like this feel like a mini-holiday. Tent London was  “Just down the road”  at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. This year’s show felt fantastic. It was wonderful to see Flock’s first appearance at the event. Congratulations on their show-stopping Cocktail chair pieces (This time created by Florrie & Bill- great work folks!)


Amongst all the great design talent on show the show that really got me all hot under the collar  (It was baking hot in there!) was the Second Sitters stand which was literally like being in

 Upholstery workshop-cum-laboratory where Hannah Stanton & Jude Dennis of  Second Sitters presented the”20 Centimes Chair”,

which became an opportunity for visitors to get involved in a very special ongoing upholstery project…
I couldn’t help but leave a few written thoughts which by now I hope are secretly and securely stuffed (along with possibly hundreds of other contributions) into

Their memory chair .


Chatting to Hannah & Jude about the technical aspects of some of their wonderful furniture/art pieces was thoroughly inspirational!

Great stuff

Bespoke seating

Piped bench seating pads in Flocks Algate East Minor delivered to happy client At the end of February to SE22..
Sometimes pulling the all-nighter is worth it if nothing else  just to see their faces light up when their bespoke items are delivered personally.Angela-Rush-Seat-Pads-

Atelier Ray Clarke Ltd T/A Ray Clarke Upholstery & Design Company registration number :12018355